I am worthy

I am worthy

What does this really mean?

It is the knowledge and belief that you are worthy of what you want and need.

Why is this so?

Think of it like this – believing that you are worthy of something is a prerequisite of actually receiving it. This is something that seems very basic – but believe me, the results are powerful and tangible.

Life works in funny ways – but does this mean that it works in mysterious ways? I think not! Look around you. Some people have it all – and if they want something else, they seem to attract with ease and success. Others aren’t so lucky. They always seem to be struggling for things but never really receive them, and if they do ever receive – it would have been way overdue.

Does this mean that those who receive are more deserving than those who don’t? Not really, and most of the time, it’s actually the contrary. The main difference is – those who receive believe they are worthy, those who don’t believe they are not.

How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

This is a simple task – but if your belief is deeply ingrained in your subconscious it may take a lot of time and effort on your part to change it. But change will happen and the results will be magical. Please know that no one can make that change except for you.

First – start of by thinking about what you really want and need. Be as specific or as general as you want – but know that you will receive exactly what you asked for. Is it to be surrounded by love? To be happy in general? To be respect? To get a promotion? A car? Good, loyal, supportive friends? A great partner? All of the above? None of the above?

Second – begin by stating, “I am worthy of receiving ______”. Say it, write it, sing it – I don’t care – just do whatever it takes to get rid of that little voice coming out of your subconscious that is saying otherwise. If you find that your body and mind do not agree with what you are saying (that is your subconscious talking by the way), back up what you are saying by listing all the reasons of why you are worthy of receiving X and just keep replaying them in your head. Also, I find that writing things down is a very powerful tool – it organizes your thoughts, brings them to life and makes them concrete. So do that when you have the time. Actually… find the time!

Once your mind and body accept the fact that you are worthy – receiving will be quick, natural and easy.

Third – receive and enjoy!

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Notes to self, with love Xx



I Choose to be Happy Video


http://flipagram.com/f/NMrz4Nrqgk <— Visit this link now to view the video 🙂

I recently posted this super cute, super happy video on Instagram and Twitter.  Credits are in order:

Photos and pictures:


Pharrell Williams, Happy (from “Despicable Me 2”).

I used the music, photos and pictures and edited them to suit the concept of the video.

Everything is working out for my greatest good


1.     What does this really mean?

It is knowing and believing that everything that has happened and is happening in your life is working out for your greatest good, provided of course that you have the right mindset/ attitude and that you are putting in the effort and energy necessary to get the life you want. This applies to all the different parts of your life – relationships, work, family, health etc.

 2.       Why is this so?

Sometimes in life we are faced with hardships/ dead ends – you lose your job, you don’t get accepted to the university you applied to, you are forced to relocate to a foreign country, you lose your home, your current living circumstances are not ideal and so on. We go through such experiences, not because we are bad people, but because there are lessons we need to learn from them. Through these lessons we grow, rise above them and carry on with life – stronger, wiser, happier and with a better understanding of how to reach to our goals.

Similarly, we attract certain people into our lives – some good and some bad. The good people help us, support us, cheer us on and live life with us. Sometimes, relationships that initially seemed positive go sour – friendships, romantic relationships, family members and/or work colleagues begin to show a different side of them and then it all goes downhill from there. At times, we seem to find only negative people around us.

When it comes to people in your life it is important to know this – when you attract certain people to you, the type of people they are and the way they treat you is telling you something about you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are like them, but it may mean that you have a certain belief about people in general. For example, you may believe that the world is full of bad people and/or everyone is out to get you. It is a direct reflection of what you believe and how you feel on the inside. If you are not happy with the kind of people you are surrounded by, you must first change something on the inside.

 3.       How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

If you are in a situation that is not ideal for you – think about why you are in it. For example, if you are not finding the ideal job, think about why that is so.

–          Do you believe you are not ready?

If you believe you are not, then you will not approach the opportunity with confidence and the employer will sniff that out in just one meeting.

Lesson learned: what you should be doing is getting the experience, qualifications and information you need to be ready. Having those things under your belt will surely give you the boost of confidence you need to nail the job interviews.

–          Do you believe that you don’t deserve it?

If you believe this, then you are telling the Universe the same and subsequently shutting of all channels of receiving any potential opportunities that may lead to your ideal job.

Lesson learned: You must believe and affirm that you deserve this, simply by saying, “I deserve to have this opportunity. I have worked hard to get to where I am and have the qualifications to be in this position. I deserve to have my dream job!” Phrase the affirmations to suit your goals. Once you make this a habit, you will realize that a time will come when you stop getting those strange feelings in your gut after you say the affirmations – you know, the feelings that are saying, “hold on, this isn’t right, this doesn’t make sense”. You will find that your mind and body are freely accepting what you saying – which only means one thing: you truly believe that you deserve this and you will receive it accordingly.

When it comes to people in your life, ask yourself – what is it about my thoughts, beliefs and feelings that attracted these kinds of people? What happened so that this relationship went sour? Did I grow? Have I changed to the better? I am becoming more true to myself? Is it time for me to move on?

Lesson learned: You may find that people don’t respect you because you don’t have self respect. Or people treat you like you are not worthy of what you have because you believe that too. You may find yourself in an abusive relationship because you don’t love/ respect yourself and have low self worth.  Once you realize what the problem is, begin working on it immediately! Use the posts from the ‘Notes to Self’ Instagram account to give yourself daily positive/ effective self talk. Also, take the time to write these notes to yourself – never underestimate the power of the written word – it’s like planting a seed in a garden.

Regardless of what you are going through, always ask yourself – what is it that I need to know to fix this, or get this or that? Ask yourself before you sleep, when you wake up, when you’re driving to work – whenever you can. You are the only one who knows what’s right for you and the answers will always surface when you need them. Also, the Universe has a funny way of reaching you – you may find a random person giving you a piece of information that’s turns out to be the missing piece of the puzzle. Or you see something on TV or the newspaper that jump out at you. The answer will come to you.

Just believe that everything is working out for your greatest good and trust me, everything will eventually fall into place and make a lot of sense :0)

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It is okay for me to have everything I want


1. What does this really mean?

How do you feel about having money, nice material things, or getting that amazing job you always wanted? Do you feel guilty about wanting the finer things in life? Do you feel you are undeserving? Have you been raised to believe that wanting money or anything of the sort is being greedy or selfish? Or maybe you’ve been raised to believe that you are not the sort of person who gets to live with such privileges. These are your “truths” alone – but they are not reality. If you are true to yourself, and if your thoughts, feelings and actions are coming from a good place then it is OKAY to ask life for whatever it is that you want. There is a lot of good and abundance in the world and it is OKAY for you to have things that can make you (and your family) happy and more comfortable. Subsequently, these privileges may give  you the ability to help other people in need. Do not believe or convince yourself otherwise.

2. Why is this so?

For example, if you believe that money is evil and will make you a bad person/ attract negativity to your life – then that is exactly what you are telling the Universe. So, in this situation you either stop yourself from attracting wealth in fear that you may turn “evil” or attract bad circumstances to you – or, you attract wealth but get some bad luck and along with it. Hey, you asked for it!

3.How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

First – before you ask and work towards anything in life, please make sure it is coming from a genuine, honest, kind and loving place. Second – if you want it, then know and believe in every bone in your body that you deserve it and it is okay to have whatever you want. Guilt, fear, desperation and confusion are all factors that will stop you from receiving what you want – your mind and body will close off all the means of receiving. Finally, I’d like to think that with this kind of knowledge, we can collectively change the world to become a better, safer and happier place. Maybe if we ask for things that will not only benefit us but benefit others and/or allow us to spread abundance, wealth and happiness then we can collectively create a positive ripple affect that can last for decades to come. There is nothing more powerful than creating thoughts, generating feelings and taking actions that stem from positivity and love.

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Notes to self – with love Xx

My Personal Limitations are Gone

notes to self 002

1. What does this really mean?

The only limitations that you have are the ones that you have created in your mind or that you have been taught to believe as a child. They are only there because you have made them true.

2. Why is this so?

Your subconscious mind works in powerful ways and it is your subconscious mind that creates your life’s “truth”. It believes whatever you tell it to believe and it is you who ultimately programs your mind and body. So if you tell your mind, “I am the worst at mental arithmetic” then whenever you are faced with a problem that requires mental arithmetic, guess what – you are not going to know what to do. Other “truths” that you might convince yourself of are, “people don’t find me interesting”, “I can never attract the right people”, “I never get the job I want”, “I always end up with the worst boss”, “I never have the will power or energy to study well for my exams”, “I am stupid!”, “I do not deserve good in my life”… and the list goes on! Your life will reflect the “truths” you have created in your mind.

3. How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

Have you ever heard of the term, “garbage in, garbage out”? It is used in computer programming, where your computer responds to the kind and quality of information that you feed it. If you feed it garbage – then guess what, you are going to receive garbage! It is just not going to work the way you want it to.

The same idea applies to how you talk or “program” your own mind. What you need to start doing is “programming” your mind to be the person you want to be and ultimately have the life that you want and deserve. The trick is to program it as if you already are and have those things. For example, you can program your mind by telling it the following:

– I am effective and efficient at my work

– I always attract the right circumstance to me

– I am smart and confident

– I always attract abundance

Feed it with quality information so that it allows your body to subsequently function the way you want it. Also, the thoughts in your mind generate feelings – so be careful, because feelings are powerful! They attract what you want and don’t want in your life.

Start by using quotes on ‘Notes to Self’ to talk to yourself. Make sure you are following ‘Notes to Self’ on Instagram, Pinterest and read the blog for further explanation of the quotes. Talk to yourself the right way and you will change your life.

Notes to self, with love Xx


I Approve of Myself


1. What does this really mean?
Before you can do anything or expect anything in life – you must first approve of yourself – just as you are!

2. Why is this so?
Once you approve and love everything about you (without self-criticism, self-doubt etc.) you become powerful. You become positive. You become…well you! Once you are genuine to yourself, approve of who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go, you start your journey from a place of love – not hate or doubt. You see, that’s what makes all the difference. Whenever anything comes from a good place it is always bound to work – and what is more powerful than acceptance and love?

3. How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

  • Start by affirming, “I approve of myself!” Say it as many times as you can during the day. You will only learn the power of self approval once you start applying this.
  • Accept and approve of who are right now. All your imperfections, all your flaws and all your wonderful traits combined are what make you who you are and what make you unique. If you weren’t true to yourself, then you just be like everyone else. How boring! Also, being unique and being yourself is guaranteed to bring you success.
  • Praise yourself – for every little and big achievement that you make! Even if its for making the best tasting cup of coffee you made this morning.
  • Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Be even prouder if those things do not apply to the norm around you.
  • Stop all self-critism now and develop a positive counter-thought for any critical message you may send yourself. For example, if you find yourself saying, “I am so stupid for making the same mistake again”, change that thought to, “its okay, people make mistakes. I am learning, becoming stronger and smarter. In fact, just realizing this means that I am a smart person. I AM SMART!”
  • If you want to grow/ succeed – make sure you are coming from a genuine place – deep inside. It’s the only way you can determine success.
  • Learn to not only accept yourself, but love yourself and learn to apply it. Here are a few ways of how to do that:
    • Learn to love yourself and do it!
    • Treat yourself like you would treat someone you love/ admire – be gentle, kind and patient.
    • Accept yourself as you are. Remember – your imperfections are what make you unique in this world.
    • Support yourself – be your best friend.
    • Take care of your body and be loving to it – eat well, exercise, take your vitamins – handle with care!
    • Talk to yourself with kindness, respect and admiration.

Congrats. You are officially on the road to greatness, happiness, abundance, prosperity and love.

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Notes to self – with love Xx

Please note – this post has been updated (and therefore improved :)) on 31/1/2014.

Welcome to Notes to Self!


In this day in age, the self-help phenomenon has become somewhat of a craze or a trend if you will – where phrases like “ask and you shall receive” or “the universe is within you” are thrown around very casually to perhaps spice up a convo, send an uplifting message to console a friend or family member who’s balling their eyes out in front of you or get a few hundred likes on your Facebook status. Such quotes have become very popular, especially on social media forums like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr etc. The number of likes/ comments you get on such quotes is proof of the instant gratification people get as soon as they read them.

For example, when I read a quote like… “The power is within you”… I think, “Yes, yes it is within me! Time to go make things happen!” The instant gratification and spurt of energy I get makes me feel like I can take over the world! But after that euphoric feeling dies down and I do actually try to get things done… an important question suddenly spawns on me… How is the power within me? What does that really mean? What on earth am I supposed to do now?! *cricket noises* Not knowing how to apply these words was and still is my problem sometimes.

This new age thinking is truly revolutionary… and I believe that it will change the world in the most positive way. These phrases and words can change your life around in ways you’ve only dreamt of… And yes, it does all start with you. However, knowing what to do and how to do it is very important too – in order to reach your ideal life.

That is why I’ve created the Instagram account “Notes to Self” – @yournotes_yourlife (which will be available on Pinterest and Tumblr on a later date) – which is subsequently linked to my blog also called “Notes to Self”. The blog works in parallel to my Instagram account and provides an explanation to the quotes/ phrases that you see on the feed.

The quotes and phrases I provide are original notes that I have written to myself on a daily basis – to provide focus, faith, understanding, reassurance and positivity – in light with the life I am willing to live. These words should hopefully provide you with the same and inspire you to go out and make the life that you have chosen for yourself – one day at a time, one thought at a time.

Once you are ready to apply the words that pop up on your feeds, you can refer to my blog for a breakdown of:

1. What does this really mean?

2. Why is this so?

3. How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

Always remember, changing the way you talk to yourself can change your life – in the most positive way. Start today.

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