In this day in age, the self-help phenomenon has become somewhat of a craze or a trend if you will – where phrases like “ask and you shall receive” or “the universe is within you” are thrown around very casually to perhaps spice up a convo, send an uplifting message to console a friend or family member who’s balling their eyes out in front of you or get a few hundred likes on your Facebook status. Such quotes have become very popular, especially on social media forums like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr etc. The number of likes/ comments you get on such quotes is proof of the instant gratification people get as soon as they read them.

For example, when I read a quote like… “The power is within you”… I think, “Yes, yes it is within me! Time to go make things happen!” The instant gratification and spurt of energy I get makes me feel like I can take over the world! But after that euphoric feeling dies down and I do actually try to get things done… an important question suddenly spawns on me… How is the power within me? What does that really mean? What on earth am I supposed to do now?! *cricket noises* Not knowing how to apply these words was and still is my problem sometimes.

This new age thinking is truly revolutionary… and I believe that it will change the world in the most positive way. These phrases and words can change your life around in ways you’ve only dreamt of… And yes, it does all start with you. However, knowing what to do and how to do it is very important too – in order to reach your ideal life.

That is why I’ve created the Instagram account “Notes to Self” (which will be available on Pinterest and Tumblr on a later date) – which is subsequently linked to my blog also called “Notes to Self”. The blog works in parallel to my Instagram account and provides an explanation to the quotes/ phrases that you see on the feed.
The quotes and phrases I provide are original notes that I have written to myself on a daily basis – to provide focus, faith, understanding, reassurance and positivity – in light with the life I am willing to live. These words should hopefully provide you with the same and inspire you to go out and make the life that you have chosen for yourself – one day at a time, one thought at a time.
Once you are ready to apply the words that pop up on your feeds, you can refer to my blog for a breakdown of:
1. What does this really mean?
2. Why is this so?
3. How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

Always remember, changing the way you talk to yourself can change your life – in the most positive way. Start today.

notes to self


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