My Personal Limitations are Gone

notes to self 002

1. What does this really mean?

The only limitations that you have are the ones that you have created in your mind or that you have been taught to believe as a child. They are only there because you have made them true.

2. Why is this so?

Your subconscious mind works in powerful ways and it is your subconscious mind that creates your life’s “truth”. It believes whatever you tell it to believe and it is you who ultimately programs your mind and body. So if you tell your mind, “I am the worst at mental arithmetic” then whenever you are faced with a problem that requires mental arithmetic, guess what – you are not going to know what to do. Other “truths” that you might convince yourself of are, “people don’t find me interesting”, “I can never attract the right people”, “I never get the job I want”, “I always end up with the worst boss”, “I never have the will power or energy to study well for my exams”, “I am stupid!”, “I do not deserve good in my life”… and the list goes on! Your life will reflect the “truths” you have created in your mind.

3. How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

Have you ever heard of the term, “garbage in, garbage out”? It is used in computer programming, where your computer responds to the kind and quality of information that you feed it. If you feed it garbage – then guess what, you are going to receive garbage! It is just not going to work the way you want it to.

The same idea applies to how you talk or “program” your own mind. What you need to start doing is “programming” your mind to be the person you want to be and ultimately have the life that you want and deserve. The trick is to program it as if you already are and have those things. For example, you can program your mind by telling it the following:

– I am effective and efficient at my work

– I always attract the right circumstance to me

– I am smart and confident

– I always attract abundance

Feed it with quality information so that it allows your body to subsequently function the way you want it. Also, the thoughts in your mind generate feelings – so be careful, because feelings are powerful! They attract what you want and don’t want in your life.

Start by using quotes on ‘Notes to Self’ to talk to yourself. Make sure you are following ‘Notes to Self’ on Instagram, Pinterest and read the blog for further explanation of the quotes. Talk to yourself the right way and you will change your life.

Notes to self, with love Xx



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