I Approve of Myself


1. What does this really mean?
Before you can do anything or expect anything in life – you must first approve of yourself – just as you are!

2. Why is this so?
Once you approve and love everything about you (without self-criticism, self-doubt etc.) you become powerful. You become positive. You become…well you! Once you are genuine to yourself, approve of who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go, you start your journey from a place of love – not hate or doubt. You see, that’s what makes all the difference. Whenever anything comes from a good place it is always bound to work – and what is more powerful than acceptance and love?

3. How can I apply this information to get the results I want?

  • Start by affirming, “I approve of myself!” Say it as many times as you can during the day. You will only learn the power of self approval once you start applying this.
  • Accept and approve of who are right now. All your imperfections, all your flaws and all your wonderful traits combined are what make you who you are and what make you unique. If you weren’t true to yourself, then you just be like everyone else. How boring! Also, being unique and being yourself is guaranteed to bring you success.
  • Praise yourself – for every little and big achievement that you make! Even if its for making the best tasting cup of coffee you made this morning.
  • Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. Be even prouder if those things do not apply to the norm around you.
  • Stop all self-critism now and develop a positive counter-thought for any critical message you may send yourself. For example, if you find yourself saying, “I am so stupid for making the same mistake again”, change that thought to, “its okay, people make mistakes. I am learning, becoming stronger and smarter. In fact, just realizing this means that I am a smart person. I AM SMART!”
  • If you want to grow/ succeed – make sure you are coming from a genuine place – deep inside. It’s the only way you can determine success.
  • Learn to not only accept yourself, but love yourself and learn to apply it. Here are a few ways of how to do that:
    • Learn to love yourself and do it!
    • Treat yourself like you would treat someone you love/ admire – be gentle, kind and patient.
    • Accept yourself as you are. Remember – your imperfections are what make you unique in this world.
    • Support yourself – be your best friend.
    • Take care of your body and be loving to it – eat well, exercise, take your vitamins – handle with care!
    • Talk to yourself with kindness, respect and admiration.

Congrats. You are officially on the road to greatness, happiness, abundance, prosperity and love.

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Notes to self – with love Xx

Please note – this post has been updated (and therefore improved :)) on 31/1/2014.


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